Throne of Debauchery (EP)

by Where Deprivation Lies

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Debut EP 'Throne of Debauchery'


released October 31, 2016

Music: Danny Greenwood
Lyrics: Jack Willitts

Production: Danny Greenwood
Guest solo: Jack Willitts

Artwork: Danny Greenwood



all rights reserved


Danny Greenwood Blackpool, UK

Blackpool based death metal project started in 2015 by Danny Greenwood.

An infusion of modern technical death metal and old-school heavy riffs, as well as exploring electronic/ambient influences, creating a unique sonic landscape. ... more

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Track Name: Awakening
Track Name: Voyeurs before the Throne of Debauchery
Peering through lace-woven veils, clothed in the regalia of an inverted deity of chaos
They onanistically exhaust themselves before a wretched throne of debauchery
Cloak me in sin.
It's time!
May the ceremony begin!

The hooded voyeurs frantically masturbate as they raise a dagger in a solemn gesture
To an unknown god

Blood and semen drench their withered mantles as the barbaric ritual draws to a ghastly close
With but a fraction of the unholy assembly remaining
An indistinct swarm of terms

From! Their lexicon, it blisters their ears
A grotesque, dead language not befit of human tongue

Awakens she, displeasured
Monolithic before the accursed altar
Awakens she, splenetic
Striding o'er the land she breaks, colossal pits left in her wake

Her dulcet tones reverberate through the skulls of the congregation's remnants
Blinding and deafening all who hath summoned her

Paralysed and senseless, the twisted pilgrimage lie motionless
in a magick-induced euphoria
Track Name: Zi Ma Bu E Ter
Beyond dimensions
Incalculable to humankind
Every crevice scrutinised
No stone un-turned
Depleted of secretions and exhausted of worth

Columns of once-loved cadavers
Adourn their decadent halls
Human trophies hollowed out
Bereft of impulse
"It died for science, resume bio-reconstruction"


Oh, dissection: cold analysis
Limp carcass splayed upon unknown technology
Displayed before the Eternals

Ancient tradition, "Zi Ma Bu E Ter"
Ageless, hive-mind "Zi Ma Bu E Ter"

Atrocities a matter of perspective
Our ancestors, to which we owe everything:
Consciousness, necessary climate, our condition
and the very vessel which we claim to be our own

Calculated and crafted in their image
We homo sapiens viewed them descend
Delivering a convoluted message
Of religion, war, inception and other such contradictions

Beneath the sun we awaited visitations
With bated breath, another generous gift
Knowledge from the gods upon their smouldering chariots
Unbeknownst to us, but lambs to the slaughter


"Zi Ma Bu E Ter
Zi Ma Bu E Ter"